Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SATAN at Templum ex Obscurum :P

For the Templum ex Obscurum NPIRL photographic challenge, I asked you to show us how you see Templum ex Obscurum, Baron Grayson's magically dark (and light) creation... and Ian Pahute (aka Ian Upton) came back with this. You gotta see it.

Ian says, "So what do you do when you get a new piece of video editing software? You play! I grabbed a favorite CD and took my 'Space Navigator' for a trip through the stunning Templum ex Obscurum. This is the result..."

Ian's new software? Adobe Premiere.


Arabesque said...

I wan' one a' those! lol

Douglas Story said...

Well-cut, nicely structured, and visually interesting. Kudos!

Baron Grayson said...

~laughs~ This makes me want to watch laity boxing in the "1000AD fight" of the millenia between the orthodox and roman catholics. The fight to end all fights.

Growing up roman catholic the imagery I'm always attracted to but it's funny I'd never noticed how it came out in my work until now. lol

Ironically the group title of my new sim group is "The Devil's Hand" ~laughs~


Baron Grayson said...

reread my comment and didn't mean it to come out that I had anything to do with the video. It strikes me as funny that it's like a stage and people that are attracted to similar things find their way there. the cross, punishment poses, the temple and holy glowing symbols. Hmm. The dancing nuns elevates it to a new level. Yummy!