Thursday, October 9, 2008

Declare war against the enemies of peace: VOTE and wear the "World is for Obama" top hat - It's free

Disclaimer: I am not representing the opinions of the members of the Not Possible IRL group, although I believe that many share my views.

It's time to take America back from the enemies of peace, the environment, human rights, our civil rights, women's rights, universal health care, education, space exploration and science in general, among other things. The global economy is in a shambles thanks to their greed, and our children and elderly will be among the first to pay the price. I've had it with these eight miserable years under the Republican administration and I'm not going to take it anymore.

The world wants and needs for the United States to be in the control of a saner, smarter, kinder government. Americans and foreigners... unite!

Obama is a chance for hope. Want to know more? Here's how he stands on the issues.

I commissioned this NPIRL creation by one of my favorite virtual milliners, Spiral Walcher, and am making it available to you as a freebie: teleport directly from here.

To set the world gently spinning, type this in chat: 1/11 start
To stop the world from spinning, type this in chat: 1/11 stop
Many thanks to Pol McLaglen for his script work.


Anonymous said...

I think this shows the problem with RL vs SL.

Please do not bring real world politics into SL, no matter how good the intention, you immediately put a barrier up between you and those who do not subscribe to your politics.

SL should be about inclusion, not exclusion.

Ari Blackthorne™ said...

NBo sh*t.

Gives me the strongest urge to unsubscribe from NPIRL.

Rename it to OFP (Obama For President) or something.

No, I'm NOT a McCain supporter. I also am NOT an Obama supporter. I AM a fence-sitter. And to see stupid remarks like "Declaire war on enimies of peace" is one hell of a stupid oxymoron (read MORONIC statement from a MORON) and just turns off the people you are trying to convince.

So, if you declaire war, then you are an enemy of someone, thus it is not peace, thus you might want to start by shooting yourself in the head to put US out of our misery?

The fastest way to start a fight is to shout about politics or religeon.

You've fired the first salvo.
And as an undecided, when I see the shrill supporters of one candidate makes dumbass inflamatory statements like this, just makes me lean towar the other candiate.

Oh wait - you must really be a McCain pawn - and this is just part of the strategy, right?

If I were admin of NPIRL - I'd trash this whole post along with the comments. Otherwise, consider this blog an extension of the obama campaign.

No thanks. I'll get my Obama news elsewhere from more reliable sources.


Jo said...

I think it's naive to say "don't bring RL politics into SL". Every time we express any sort of opinion we bring politics into what we say. Drawing a distinction between wearing a hat that explicitly says something versus a hat that implicitly says something is artificial.
Similarly saying "SL should be about ..." doesn't make sense. SL isn't about anything. Remember: it's a company trying to make money, not our personal playground to be defined.
Besides, isn't it a contradiction to exclude certain behavior in the name of inclusiveness?
Jaymin Carthage

Bettina Tizzy said...

@upthisway: "This is not a game." Increasingly, my SL and my RL are one and the same.

@ari: I'm sorry to have upset you. Btw, I am the only admin of NPIRL.

@Jaymin: Amen.

Ari Blackthorne™ said...

Fair enough Bettina.

Just saying I read the blog for news about SL - not polital diatribe that doesn't have anything to do with SL other than a not-very-good-looking-hat with what I persoanlly perceive as a immature message (not the whole [phrase, but rather the "world" part of the phrase - as though the organizers speak for the whole world? ~grins~).

I'll just frequent the others that are a bit more SL for SL instead of just using it as a platform for political or religeous proclamations, especially inflamatory messages.

No sarcasm or anything like that. Just wanted to voice my view on how a blog that supposedly focuses on SL didn't this time.

In other words: that you are attempting to influence your readers in real life on a subject that has nothing to do with Second Life at all.

But that's the beauty of blogs: everyone allowed to have their say. and I really do respect yours and hope you can return the courtesy, but understand if you don't.