Friday, October 24, 2008

Magical retail destinations - Even in Second Life, they are rare: The 109 Prim Circus

Via one of our favorite content creators (and illustrators) of all time, four Yip, we learned of one exquisitely magical store that, were it not for the fantastic items for sale there, would still be a destination in and of itself.

The 109 Prims Circus is a steampunk/fantasy store created by Japanese Onakagoo Epin (rez: 11/22/2006). Unlike most stores and malls in Second Life® - sadly and exceedingly unimaginative and boxlike - this retail outlet is a jewelbox containing all sorts of lovely things.

These photographs do not do the place justice because I had to crop the heck out of them due to a bug in the latest Release Client viewer.

Housed within a sphere megaprim, the store is its own environment

Two functional merry-go-rounds with crystalized and ghostly horses go round and round

Steampunkish pods contain the store's offerings, and oh what delightful items they are, worthy of many more blogposts

One gorgeous item for sale, and very reasonably priced, is a steampunk crescent moon

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