Monday, October 20, 2008

Mr(s). Bones

This is the story about Mrs. Bones (in SL: Marla Kutanaga; rez: 1/26/2008), someone who's photographs I enjoy on Flickr.

For the most part, Mrs. Bones seems docile enough...

Black Swan: After work by Mrs. Bones

... but apparently she flairs up on occasions.

Take that, Mr. Banjo by Mrs. Bones

Mrs. Bones has a counterpart: Mr. Bones (in SL: Ole Etzel - rez: 3/17/2007), and he is a pirate. He came to my attention when I viewed a number of rather unusual machinima, in which he is the protagonist. Here is the second Episode of "Mr. Bones: Dangers of Navigation."

I finally decided to get to the bottom of this bony situation and contacted my Flickr friend, Mrs. Bones.

How did you come to be Mr. Bones, or Mrs. Bones?

"After usin some human AVs first me already found mr. bones-AV as a new-bee. never changed again! :) in between it just ME! just added some stuff like beard and so on. perhaps me sailin-carib-holidays also played a role in decision to stay bony for evah! v_0

Mrs. Bones is rresult of some scary experiments done in a dark night at Tableau-Sim. She z combinin some bones, canimal-clothing and a bit of mushroom-AV + chainsaw of courrse, yarrRRrr! But as seen often in film-biz she has recorded some early b-movies..."

"Her first appearance as actress (from minute 2 on it not what you want show kids! it just like hollywood-way to become big in biz! but therefor 100%-NPIRL, haha! ;):

In both cases it wasnt the plan to promote the whole thing. Is just me that likes to look like that in mah beloved SL - accidentially recorded for youtube. #)"

Do you have an aversion to flesh? :P

"After me first crazy month in SL i couldnt see all these muscles and flesh anymore. Fleshy tanned brad-pitts whereevah you go! Me feels much safer inside me invisible-prims!"

What are your plans for Halloween?

Mrs. Bones: Me will hide inside the dog-rose in front o' me door and throw candies at likkle children heads! Grrr!
Mr. Bones: Halloween at sea is always hard, thinkin about close family-members you left behind. Me hope is to find a drifting pumpkin perhaps.

Regarding Machinima... Mr. Bones/Mrs. Bones had this to say:

"i started to record machinima because an other user motivated me to do it while me was young in SL. also a little banjo-melody me wrote needed a video and SL seemed to be best place to record widout lotta money. the plan was to improve from movie to movie and also show it to me rl-friends that have no idea what big possibilities you have in SL besides dancin at clubs and have digital-... wid each otha.

Mrs. Bones closed with these fine words:

"what has to be said: npirl is wunderbar - that means wonderful, awesome, great or simple say: me lovez it! yarRRrr! me often meets ppl who wantz that everythin in sl looks like in rl. that often freaks me out a bit cuz me loves idea of not-possible-in-rl-stuff!

ahoy so far - yours,
Mr(s). Bones

fineprint: did i mention i LOVE SECOND LIFE!"

And we love you, Mr(s). Bones! I'm certainly looking forward to watching the future adventures of the Bones family and ahoy to you all!