Thursday, October 16, 2008

Electric Lady: aoimizuno Meili...

Exquisite craftsmanship. Humor. Intelligence. Imagination. On top of which the person behind all this is quite obviously a darling, as will become apparent from the following:

When I contacted aoimizuno Meili about her work last week I received the below email from her. I was so touched by the charm and the modesty of her short response that I will simply quote it in its entirety. I really think that she conveys the spirit that lies behind these enchanting neko avatar attachments in a way that I never ever could no matter how long I blubbered on about all of their wonders.

So, here it is:

I thank you so much that you are interested in my stuff and it is a great surprise that you have found me, who lives just on the edge of a corner in Second Life®.

I'm not too concerned about business in this world and it is a great pleasure for me to create objects and share with other people which is just an idea in myself.

My aim is to create "originality", things that have never been seen before and which would be easily definable for people as that this "would have been made by LPP".

Most of my inspiration comes from within and quite suddenly without my paying any particular attention to the process: Before sleep in bed, during lunch time or a coffee break...Therefore I am usually in a "blank" state like white paper ;) before I get started. Before I used to try to make something come up from my brain but I have given up on that. Primarily because what I do is not for business but really just for fun. The creating of an object is really quite wonderful because in its own way it can link people in this world just like "prim work" links the objects themselves.

Sorry for my broken English however I really hope that you can understand what I mean..."

* You can teleport to aoimizuno Meili's wonderful shop LPP, directly from here.
* For further close up inspection you can also see huge shots of her objects on my Flickr.


Ginseng Kyong said...

I love her work