Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prim Abuses: Gore Suntzu at Chakryn Forest


Gore Suntzu says: "... My abuses are unreal prim sculptures made with sculpties (mostly) , and with a lil scripting to make them alive. The best word I can use to describe them is "pulsating." Do they have a meaning? Boh! I dont know, but if the music is nice and the moon is full, sometimes it can happen that they catch the mood of the people that are looking at them ;) ..."

Metaverse Pulse.

Tornado of Souls

Phoenix Rising

I do not know if Gore Suntzu's kinetic light sculptures were made with Chakryn Forest in mind, however since they were placed there I think it has to follow that they should be taken in within that context. Unlike art work displayed in a neutral gallery setting, site specific art needs to strongly take into account the setting within which it is placed.

The less bright the more powerful, the more secluded the more revealing, Suntzu did succeed in integrating a good portion of his work with the challengingly beautiful eco-system that is Chakryn. The more that these works blend into the forest the more powerfully they revealed themselves to me. Thus I found myself drawn to pieces such as Phoenix Rising and Fall Away, while some few others sadly did not achieve quite the same effect, I felt. A good example to the latter would be E Pluribus Unum. Far too bright and beyond the brightness there also seems to be a problem of the shape of the structure not really belonging to that environment, as indeed is also the case with Fluxus Kinetikos. However, back to the ones that worked for me I would have to mention C-Beams for one and Tornado of Souls for another. And then, oddly enough, "Spiralidoso", which although highly luminescent does indeed manage to integrate itself into the environment through the usage of sheer contrast, implemented by a shape alien enough to keep me wondering; whereas the spherical/solar forms of E Pluribus and Fluxus have fallen into an ambiguous twilight zone of neither attaining full integration nor sufficient contrast.

Fall Away: When you throw a pebble in the water... This quiet one was by far my favorite.


But in the end, Gore Suntzu gets my full respect: The sculptures that do work, that do integrate themselves into the environment, and indeed add to a place which is already so vastly endowed with magic as Chakryn Forest undoubtedly is, far exceed the pieces which fall short of the considerable task at hand. And in my book that most certainly qualifies as success!

Gore Suntzu says: "I have never considered myself an "artistic" kind of guy. Second Life made me discover that part of myself." Amen to that...

To view the sculptures of Gore Suntzu at Chakryn Forest teleport directly from here. You can also see larger sizes of the photos I took here.


Bettina Tizzy said...

Full disclosure here, Alpha. I need to mention that I worked with Gore to identify the right spots to rez his gorgeous prim abusing sculptures at Chakryn Forest.

Unknown said...

Alpha thank you very much for the review of my exibition; for the observations, the highlighting of the weaker points and the stronger ones, is always good and useful to read what other people think about what you do.

Chakryn Forest is a beautiful place, expose there for me is an honor and i would like to thank Bettina for the great opportunity and support!

It was a great challenge to make my prim abuses with Chakryn in mind. Like we say in Italy "Not all the doughnuts come out with a good hole" (in italian sound better lol ) but that is in the nature of things :)

Ciao :)

Alpha Auer said...

Gore: Absolutely! And as I already said your success rate far outweighs whatever did not quite work out.

I did not want to contact you before I wrote this because I wanted to keep a clean head (so to speak) as I was looking at your work. But I was very curious as to whether these pieces were in fact site specific or not. So, I am very pleased that this little mystery has been cleared up...

Bett: Yes, I had a feeling that this might in fact be the case. No one knows Chakryn like you do (obviously) and the vast majority of the work was so aptly placed that I did perceive your hand at work there...