Friday, October 24, 2008

Often, it's what you do with it that counts

Doing things the Not Possible in Real Life (NPIRL) way doesn't always mean that you have to create original content, or that the objects have to be NPIRL. While Berliner Sevenstar Amat built a number of the elements you see in these photographs taken at her Stitch by Stitch shop at Juicy Bella discovered by Juko Tempel, she was also clever in her placement of items that others had made.

Scissors and texture-changing umbrellas float happily above

A hippo by Jon Haskell takes a bath in Uma Ceawlin's Bubble Bucket; nearby, Sevenstar's whimsical pumpkin bed

Teleport to Stitch by Stitch directly from here.


Juko said...

I love places like this with 'appropriate' pose ball activities - inside you can sit and sew for a while if you want to!