Friday, October 10, 2008

Jopsy Pendragon to expand the Particle Laboratory

Jopsy Pendragon (aka John P. Crane, rezzed 1/15/04) believes that "It's good to mark the big days with friends and a little pomp =)" and that's precisely what he did last night during a very NPIRL ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate his acquisition of the sim "Slate," which borders the sim Ethereal Teal upon which his Particle Laboratory has sat (and grown) since 2004.

Friends assembled on either side of the ceremonial vortex to watch Jopsy cut the particle ribbon

The Particle Laboratory is the mecca for particle lovers and script learners in Second Life®, largely because of the seemingly exhaustive and excellent tutorials available there, as well as its intimate sandbox for "script tinkering." Teleport directly from here, and take the hot air balloon to any of the local destinations offered there. It is also the home of two of the best ongoing particle shows on the grid, including the Cloud Chateau where I got my first taste of particles.

During his speech, Jopsy explained: "Khamon (Fate) has graciously offered to let me purchase Slate as space to expand into, while he takes Fate Gardens to a private region all his own. Teal and Slate have long had a peaceful history..." He went on, "One of the initial projects for Slate will be a sister Laboratory for the Particle lab... focused on Vehicles. =)"

As he cut the particle ribbon, Jopsy proclaimed: "I dub this... Ethereal Slate! The runner up name was "later slater" but that didn't sound as fae ;)"

Particles burst all around us

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