Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A winged treat for your tootsies - free, too

"Her shoes have wings," is an expression often used to describe a great dancer.

Previously only available to people with too much money and not enough sense, fantastic haute couture shoes are priced like works of art, especially if they are designed to be worn just one day of the year. In Second Life®, high style is blessedly more affordable, and never more so than today.

Via Impossible IRLer Juko Tempel, we've learned that Nix Sands and his Xcentricity shop are giving away these Candy Corn FairyFae Pumps - perfect for Halloween - as freebies. My favorite price! If you fancy this style, the D'Fly pump collection is available for sale in eleven different colors, so that you can wear them the rest of the year.

Adorned with black dragonflies and an optional pixie dust effect

Hermes - a Greek god himself and messenger of the gods as well - was presumably the first to sport winged shoes. It was his responsibility to guide the souls of the dead down to the underworld. How fitting then, that these lovely slippers be worn on Halloween, when the dead are in transit.

Head on over to Xcentricity by teleporting directly from here, and pick up your own pair. All of his shoes are giftable/trans okay, too.