Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where SeaDrykes go to dance and dream - and a dream source, too

I'm not sure why, but every time I have a chat with Kazuhiro Aridian, we end up talking about dreams.

While Kazuhiro is known throughout the grid for creating flawless and over-the-top creature avatars, I'm happy to report that Kaz is now exploring the realm of sculpture.

Click to see large

Beginning with the delicate and leafy aquatic Seadrkye I shared with you one month ago, Kaz has merged the exquisitely sculpted and textured avatars with art, to much success. You can see this sculpture for a very limited time by teleporting directly from here, but best go soon!

"The Seadrykes dance around a glowing orb of light, mirroring each other as the strange glow emits bubbles around them"

It was this discovery that prompted yet another conversation that took us into now familiar territory.

Can we hope to see more of your creatures incorporated into large-scale sculptures? And do you daydream about these creatures?

Kazuhiro Aridian: Heck yes, to both! Sadly, they're not part of my nightly dreamings, but they certainly make up much of my daydreaming. Also, I'm going to be making full colour watercolour and ink illustrations for each creature and selling prints alongside the creatures, when I get them done : D

Kazuhiro Aridian: I have a separate dreamscape... it is an exaggeration of reality, and where I lived as a kid. My road becomes a placid river... Two small hills at the dead end of my road become large sand dunes, and beyond the dunes is a large river, which is a creek in Real Life, and beneath it lays the skeleton of a small airplane.

You are serious? This is your night dreamscape?

Kazuhiro Aridian: It sort of propells my daydreams, but I don't get to see these creatures within my childhood dreamscape, though there is a dinosaur reserve if you follow the river far enough...

This discussion got me to thinking about the sources of our dreams, and how much they inspire content creation. A little Googling later, I discovered this unusual and fascinating website: The World Dream Bank. Get thee dreaming, creators!

You can own this sculpture or any of Kazuhiro's primordial beasts by stopping by here.


stephen venkamn said...

I have to see this up close...))